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  • Lobular is the second most common type of breast cancer (approx 15% of all breast cancers).

  • Lobular should be seen as a distinct disease as it behaves differently to other breast cancers.

  • Lobular is the 7th most common type of cancer in woman yet currently it has no specific treatment.

  • Lobular rarely forms a lump.

  • Lobular is often not detected with mammograms and ultra sound and frequently diagnosed later.

  • MRI imaging is suggested to be a better imaging format for lobular.

  • Lobular has longer term poorer outcomes.

  • Lobular has been under studied, under funded and needs urgent research funding.

  • Without specific research we will never ave a specific treatment for lobular - please donate today. Become a part of the Lobular Moon Shot Project

To obtain more details about lobular breast cancer please visit one of the following websites: 

Lobular Breast Cancer UKLobular Breast Cancer AllianceLobular Ireland or European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium.

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