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There are many ways you can get involved as a business or individual. Please let us know what you are doing.

Sponsored Fund Raising Events

The following sponsored member events are currently taking place to raise money for research. Please donate or share links. Amounts listed below last updated on 1 Feb 2024. Please set up your own event and let us know the details - ** please ensure you select Institute of Cancer Research - not Cancer Research and insure the word lobular is used in the title.

Susan Michaelis - Walking for lobular breast cancer research at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Raised £10,117

Katherine Serena Laird - The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) for Lobular Breast Cancer research - Raised £7,291

Sarah Hudson Sarahs fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Raised £5,760

Katie SwinburneWalking through my chemotherapy for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Raised £5,336

Jill Taylor & Helen’s - Fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) 'Lobular Moon Shot Project' - Raised £1,511

Tina Ashton - Tina's 100 Art Cards in 10 Days for Lobular Moonshot Project  - Raised £1,390

Dorothy Saul-Pooley Dorothy's fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Raised £525

Melanie Hurley LOBULAR BREAST CANCER fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)​ - Raised £419


Previous fundraising initiatives

5* Raffle - 2 nights at South Lodge Hotel & Spa - Drawn by Jeremy Quin MP on 22 Dec 2023 - Raised £8,250

Merran Michaelis - Lobular Breast Cancer Awarness and Fundraiser - Railway Hotel, Melbourne - Raised £2,700

Kim Willis - Charity comedy night at Whitecliffs Cafe Saltdean, Brightion - Raised £1,600

Katie Swinburne - Fundraiser at Teesdale School and Sixth Form - Raised around £1,500

Michelle Greco - Michelle's fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research UK - Target UK£300 - Raised UK£728 +GA

Zöe CarrollZoe's fundraiser for The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) - Lobular Breast Cancer - Raised £640

Horsham Football Club - Lobular Breast Cancer - Fundraiser - Saturday 9 Sept 2023 - Raised nearly £500 

Caron Gillett - Coffee Morning fundraiser - Sat 30 Sept 2023 - Raised £400

Viv Young Weʼre raising £500 to Raise funds for Lobular Moonshot’s research at the ICR - Raised £352

Please let us know about your event by emailing: to be involved


As a business you can make a donation or simply become a project partner by adding a fixed amount or % to your invoices and send these amounts a set number of times per annum directly to the Lobular Research section at the Institute of Cancer Research in London. (Details are on this website)

We will provide you with an electronic badge of recognition.



As an individual you could organise a fund raising event such as tea morning, sponsored walk or one of countless other possibilities. Alternatively, you could make a donation or simply help bring the project to the attention of as many businesses or other individuals, groups etc... who may wish to donate or support the project.

Below are sample letters that you can adapt to suit. 

Template Letters

Updated UK specific letter for UK MPs - 18 January 2024 - ADAPT AS NEEDED TO TELL YOUR STORY

Click to download template letter to your politician - non UK

Click to download template letter to businesses or corporations

A5 flyer for you to get printed and use as a marketing tool

We have written to every female board member of all the FTSE100 companies and a growning number of executives in leading banks - this work is ongoing

'Lobular Embassy / High Commission Walk' - 5 July 2023 - London - COMPLETED 

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