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First diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC) in 2013, the 2nd most common type of breast cancer, former airline pilot Dr. Susan Michaelis initiated the 'Lobular Moon Shot Project' in early 2023 to raise more awareness of and funding specifically for research into ILC by The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)


ILC currently has no specific treatment, yet over 1000 people a day (22 a day in the UK) are diagnosed with ILC globally. Without much more research, there will never be a specific treatment for those being diagnosed with ILC. It needs a global moonshot effort to be put into research to help the 3.75 million people who will be diagnosed in the next 10 years with ILC. Susan calls this the 'Lobular Moonshot Project' and says ILC should make us think 'Invest in Lobular Cancer'.

To help raise awareness, Susan gives talks on this issue and is supporting a documentary being made by Fact Not Fiction Films. Additionally, her story is the basis of the short film in production called Eve Groves.

To be part of Susan's 'Lobular Moon Shot Project', simply play a role in raising funds and/or awareness and use the hashtag #LobularMoonShotProject. Write to anyone who may be able to donate. A small investment or a multi million investment to lobular research are all steps towards a solution. It may have been 'One small step for man' when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon but by investing into lobular research, the lives of millions of people and their families could be vastly improved, allowing them to take millions of steps.

To donate to this urgently needed research, please click here.

To obtain more details about ILC please visit one of the following websites:
 Lobular Breast Cancer UK
Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance
Lobular Ireland or European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium.

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