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What is Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer?

Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer (ILC) is the 2nd most common type of breast cancer. 3.75 million people will be diagnosed with this cancer in the next 10 years, yet ILC currently has no specific treatment and behaves very differently to the more common type of breast cancer - ductal.

What is the Lobular Moon Shot Project?

The Lobular Moon Shot Project was set up in 2023 to get Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer the research funding needed, so the biology of the disease can be much better understood. This would be a vital next step to getting the specific treatment needed for ILC to improve outcomes. The Lobular Moon Shot Project was created to achieve this by helping raise money for research but also to galvanise political support to ensure vital research funding is made available by Governments, specifically for ILC. There are pockets of research going on globally but what is needed is a major research project estimated to cost UK£20 million. ILC has not been priortised as it should have been in the past, especially considering 1000 people a day (22 a day in the UK) are diagnosed with the disease. It now needs a Moon Shot style approach to move our understanding of the disease forward at a much greater pace.

Who founded the Lobular Moon Shot Project?

The 'Lobular Moon Shot Project' was formally launched on 25 May 2023, in Horsham, West Sussex by former Australian pilot Dr. Susan Michaelis. She was first diagnosed with ILC in 2013. Her story and how the project started is told in the first ever feature length documentary about lobular breast cancer entitled 'My Journey With Lobular'. Additionally, her story is the basis of the short film called Eve Groves.

"We must think of ILC as 'Invest in Lobular Cancer'. So many more people will get the disease in the future, know a person with the disease or love or work with someone that has or will be diagnosed with ILC. To get people better outcomes we need specific treatments and that will only come from specific research into lobular. Please help me raise the money needed."

Susan Michaelis - March 2023

Who runs the Lobular Moon Shot Project?

The Lobular Moon Shot Project is a volunteer organisation run by a growing number of remarkable ladies with lobular breast cancer and their families, to help get the funding needed to carry out this vital research project.

Petition at No 10

How do I help get Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer more research?

To be part of the 'Lobular Moon Shot Project', simply play a role in raising funds and/or awareness and use the hashtag #LobularMoonShotProject. Write to anyone who may be able to donate. A small investment or a multi million investment to lobular research are all steps towards a solution. It may have been 'One small step for man' when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon but by investing into lobular research, the lives of millions of people and their families could be vastly improved, allowing them to take millions of steps.

To listen to Prof Chris Lord of ICR or to donate directly to ICR for this urgently needed research, please click here.

To watch a short interview with Susan and learn about her journey with ILC please watch the video below.

To obtain more details about ILC please visit one of the following websites: Lobular Breast Cancer UKLobular Breast Cancer AllianceLobular Ireland or European Lobular Breast Cancer Consortium.

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